Data Analytics in Business
Posted By velan | 17 June, 2024

17 June: Data Analytics in Business: Why Is It Important?


The COVID-19 situation has disrupted the business environment for the worst, and many businesses are at their wit’s end about their future. An advanced data solutions provider like Vuelitics can help executives and managers get much-needed clarity about their current businesses and prepare for the future...

Posted By velan | 12 April, 2021

12 April: Data Analytics in Manufacturing Industry: Unlocking Efficiency and Growth

Data Analytics in Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry has undergone significant transformations in recent years, driven by advancements in technology and the increasing need for efficiency and competitiveness. One key area that has emerged as a crucial component of this transformation is data analytics in ...

Top 4 Business Analytics Techniques By Vuelitics
Posted By velan | 18 January, 2021

18 January: Essential Business Analysis Techniques: A Comprehensive Guide

In today’s fast-paced business environment, efficient business analysis techniques are crucial to achieving success and expansion for organizations. Business analysts use a variety of techniques to grasp business requirements, create solutions, and facilitate change. This comprehensive manual will discuss the key business analysis methods, det...

Redefine Business Success Through Business Intelligence Technologies Blog By Vuelitics
Posted By velan | 18 January, 2021

18 January: Invest in Business Intelligence Technologies to Outpace Competitors

Investing in business intelligence technologies will help you stay ahead of your competitors!

It helps the executive cadre make informed decisions for their business. Gone are the days when businesses were on the lookout for accumulation and data storage. The situation has recast into accumulating relevant and quality data. With new tec...

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